Frequently Asked Questions

Does FKI sell directly to the public?
No we do not. FKI is a wholesaler and only sell to trade businesses.

How do I register to view your products?
You can register simply by clicking on customer login. This will bring you to our login screen, once on this screen you enter your customer number and
assigned password. Once logged in you can change your amend password if you wish.

What if I do forget my password?
No problem… click, just click on “Forgot my password? Click here” or “Obtain a new password” on the customer login page. We will then ask you for your
customer number and email address. Once you complete this and if the email addresses matches what we have on file, we will automatically email you a link
within minutes to the email address we have on file for you. This link allows you for up to 3 hours to change your password, after 3 hours the link will no
longer work.

Why will the link not work after 3 hours?
This is for security reasons. The email will be send to you within minutes and you can reset the password right away and get access to your account. If you
miss this window, then please contact us and we will be happy to reset your password for you.

What if I am a new customer?
If you are a new customers all you do on the login screen, click on “Dealer Registration”, once you complete the registration form and submit this to us.
We will review your application within 24 hours during regular business hours or within 48 hours if on the weekend. We will advise you of your customer
number and password via email. Please note that all fields with a * are mandatory and the form cannot be submitted if any of these field are not filled
out. In the event we are not able to give you access we will also advise you with the reason why via email.

What can I see once I have registered on the website?

  • See our entire catalogue of items & inventory on hand
  • Easily place orders
  • See item info. including, dimension, material, upc codes etc.
  • Review pending orders, item on the order, and pictures of the items on the order.
  • Review back ordered items and see the items due date (arrival date).
  • Open invoice and tracking numbers on the invoice.
  • The ability to reprint invoices
  • Order history
  • Review purchase history

How do I check out?
Once you have finished browsing our product selection you can click on the shopping cart to see all the items on your order at any time you can go back to
add to the order, remove items or change order quantities. Please note that on your order you can see the items that are being shipped and the items that
are being back ordered if they are not available. If you are satisfied then click on the checkout button.

Once checking out you can include a Wanted Date, this is the date you would like your order shipped, if left blank it will automatically default to
shipping ASAP. You can change the ship to address and provide credit card information securely. Once done you click on the submit button at the bottom of
the order, if there are any issues with your cart you will be prompted. The order is submitted to us and you will receive a confirmation email of your

Please note that the order total you see will not include shipping charges. Shipping charges are carefully calculated at time of shipping. Each box is
measured and weighed and entered into our freight rate shopping system to give you the most economical freight cost for your order.